At ADS Group Nigeria we value the relationships we have with our clients & suppliers and recognize the important role they play in the development and ongoing success of our business. ADS Group Nigeria believes that successful relationship management within our supply chain is fundamental to our delivery of safe and excellent projects. Our expectations for all our suppliers is that they share the same beliefs and core values as ADS Group.


We work with clients around the world to deliver the right materials and services on time and at the best price, leading to overall project success.

Vision and Mission
Our vision is to deliver excellence through innovative procurement solutions while respecting quality, cost and schedule requirements in an evolving sourcing market.


Our mission is to contribute to our clients’ success by delivering high quality performance in the definition and execution of procurement strategies, and by defining and implementing best in class processes, technology and practices.


Value-Added Services
Our process management approach emphasizes a coordinated procurement model and complimentary role definition for corporate, divisional, and project procurement execution around the world. This enables us to operate as a unified supply management organization capable of successfully delivering strategic, operational, and transactional procurement benefits to our clients.


Project Procurement Disciplines
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Material Management
  • Logistics
  • Quality Surveillance and Inspection
  • Material Control


We have our unique strength to provide the best services to our clients.
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Welcome to ADS Group Nigeria