Our engineers provide leading-edge services for the power, the infrastructure and the resources, environment and water sectors, and develop tailored solutions for the increasingly complex requirements of today’s projects.
Sustainable Engineering
We create designs that meet the diverse needs of our customers and their end users, including finding innovative ways to make our clients’ projects more environmentally friendly. Our ability to enhance the energy performance and optimize the operations of a wide variety of facilities allows us to deliver long-term savings to our clients while creating sustainable projects.
360-degree Perspective
With understanding of the full project life cycle, our engineering teams can contribute to the success of all project execution phases. We have the ability to integrate health and safety requirements at the design phase, engineer around physical and technical challenges, and create facilities that are generally more robust and efficient to operate and maintain over the long term.
Areas of Expertise in Engineering
  • Opportunity studies
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Surveys and technical studies
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Plans and specifications
  • Tendering documents
  • Inspections
  • Work supervision and control
  • Technical and financial audits
  • Commissioning, recommissioning and retro commissioning
  • Project management
  • Proposal review and analysis
  • Technical assistance
  • Training
  • Remote management

Do you have need for world-class engineering service? Contact us today, lets discus how we can help you achieve your dream project.

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